Dog Training Classes Offered at Glamour Pooch

Obedience level 1

These 6-week training classes are for puppies (5 months of age or older) and adult dogs (of all sizes) who have never attended an obedience class or those interested in a refresher class.  The goal is to establish a solid foundation for your pet’s training as well as discuss practical ways to address and improve the most common unwanted behaviors.

Training Topics:

  • Introduction to all basic obedience commands such as “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, and “Come”
  • Learn to prevent and address common problem behaviors such as “Jumping”, “barking”, “pulling”, “chewing”, and more!
  • Polite-leash walking
  • Train your dog to take-it, drop-it and leave-it!

Where do these classes take place?

All sessions are held at Glamour Pooch, 1590 Lomaland, Suite A/B, El Paso, TX  79935

When do these classes occur?

All 6-week sessions are currently scheduled during
6:00 – 7:00 pm, Thursday’s 6:00 – 7:00 pm or Sunday’s from 2:00 – 3:00 pm.


$99.99 for the 6-week Obedience Level 1 Training course.  Includes at time of completion: Certificate, graduation photo of pet, and graduation gift for pet.

Class Requirements

  • Ages 5+months (recommended)
  • No previous training required
  • Completion of training enrollment form and liability waiver
  • Verification of your pet’s current vaccination records.  Your dog must be fully vaccinated and current on all vaccinations (puppies must be current on their first 3-booster shots).  These vaccinations must include: Rabies, Distemper, & Parvo, Bordatella not required but strongly recommended.  Vaccinations from Mexico will not be accepted.
  • Payment of class tuition

What you will need to bring to class:

  • Current vaccination records:  Rabies, Parvovirus and Distemper (Bordatella not required but strongly recommended).  Records required at time of registration
  • 4’ to 6’ nylon or leather leash (no retractable or chain leashes)
  • Buckle collar or harness (no choke chains or prong collars)
  • Training Treats – A variety of flavors, small-soft treats are recommended in a resealable bag
  • Treat pouch or bag to carry treats
  • Comfortable clothes/shoes
  • Only two (2) adults (18 yrs and older) may accompany dog, absolutely no children allowed
  • Pack light, be advised that Glamour Pooch is not responsible for any lost/stolen valuables

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Please review and accept:

All students desiring to enroll more than one pet into the same training class are required to bring a second person/handler with them to each class so that each dog has their own handler at all times.

I have read and agree with the Glamour Pooch liability waiver that coincides with this enrollment form. I understand that I am fully responsible for my pet and its behavior. Although precautions will be taken to avoid potential risks, I understand that my pet and I will be exposed to other animals in the training environment and could come into contact with diseases (animal or human), bites can occur and both I and my pet could be attacked or seriously injured. While Glamour Pooch is secure I understand that my pet could escape from the premises and be lost or injured. Should any or all of these events occur I will not hold Glamour Pooch, its staff, or classmates liable. Glamour Pooch reserves the right to refuse or terminate services of any pet at any time without refund.

I understand that there are inherent risks associated with the presence of dogs in training. I assume full responsibility for myself, my dog, and other handlers of my dog, and any observers that attend my class with me. I release and will not hold Glamour Pooch, its staff, volunteers, or classmates liable for any damage, injury or illness to myself, or any other person or property. I understand that I am fully responsible and liable for any and all actions of and damages or injuries caused by my pet, myself and any other handlers of my dog and any observers attending with me.

I agree that I have given full disclosure of any history of aggressive behavior by my dog, and understand that failure to do so will result in being released from the program and no refund will be given.

I understand that trainers may intervene in dog-to-dog interactions and separate dogs as needed.

I grant full permission to Glamour Pooch to use any photographs or video recordings of this event for any purposes.

 Yes I have read and agree to follow the above policies.

By submitting this form you understand the above services and pricing. I understand that Glamour Pooch may modify these rates from time-to-time, in its sole discretion.